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These are some of the recommendations I have received from my supervisors and peers.


“Petar was a highly motivated, hard-working and very sociable intern at Google. He passionately worked on his project and successfully completed it, which raised many interesting discussion points and gave us many insights. He also loved communicating with people, always exchanging his thoughts and ideas, not only on his project but also about various topics. I always enjoyed his ideas, opinions, questions and humor.”

— Kinuko Yasuda, Software Engineer, Google Japan

“I had a pleasure of hosting/mentoring Petar during his internship at Google Japan. During three months at Google, Petar methodically learned basic infrastructure and generated interesting ideas which resulted in significant improvement of the product he worked on. He provided energy and excitement and quickly made friends with other engineers.”

— Slaven Bilac, Software Engineer, Google Japan

“Petar demonstrated excellent software engineering skills during his internship at Google. He was able to deliver in a short time of period a working demo of a generic search query classifier. His humbleness and enthusiasm allowed him to quickly strike a conversation with other engineering teams and cross-pollinate ideas – a well appreciated quality at Google. I highly recommend Petar for his work and personality beyond work.”

— Xinmei Cai, Software Engineer, Google

Tokyo Institute of Technology

“Petar is motivated and eager to learn. We’re always bouncing ideas off of each other, looking for different and more interesting approaches to all kinds of problems, many times just for the fun of it. Definitely the kind of person to have on your R&D team.”

— Guilherme Ramos, Ph.D. Candidate, Tokyo Institute of Technology

“Petar is very knowledgeable and passionate about his area of research; and very fun to be around.”

— Neil Rubens, Assistant Professor, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

“Petar is very sharp and exceptionally passionate about what he is doing. He comes up with many nice ideas in AI, so it is really interesting to talk to him.”

— Vera Sheinman, PhD student, Tokyo Institute of Technology


“I know Petar from his starting working for Kontrax in 2000 till his leaving to Japan in 2007 for his specialization. In fact he has built the software department in the company, which counts to more than 20 developers today. Petar is extremely talanted person, who combines both professionalism and capabilities to organise and manage teams. Also being one of the smartest people I know, reliable partner and a good friend at the same time”

— Jordan Jordanov, Owner, Kontrax

“I have known Petar Kormushev since 1999 when he joined Kontrax as a young specialist. During the following 7 years he grew in experience and made an astonishing progress in his career. He worked his way up to the position of Software Project manager. I can always rely on his sound decisions and professional attitude to work. Petar has university degree in mathematics. I have earnestly admired his constant aspiration for acquiring knowledge, his desire to excel in his professional sphere. I am deeply convinced that Petar Kormushev will make a brilliant career. In a few brief years only he has managed to organize Software department with more than 15 developers. The software products developed under his management are still working and profitable. I consider this to be a unique deed. As a person Petar is unostentatious, honest, loyal, well-mannered, steady and ambitious. He sets himself realistic tasks and attains his end following a fixed schedule. He is permanently educating himself and is very good at organizing people around an idea. However, he is sometimes too shy. Petar has the gift for understanding the people he is in contact with. He is always considerate and thoughtful in his attitude and never loses his temper. He is exacting but just towards his subordinates and makes serious efforts to support them in their professional development.”

— Jacko Pillossof, Technical Director, Kontrax

“For almost two years I worked in a team of young and eager students in one of the significant projects in Bulgaria’s health care system. Peter managed our efforts and during that time he showed to be perfectly prepared in technical aspect, but most importantly – easy going and always ready to discuss ideas with an open mind. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with him, as he always had the right answers when we needed such.”

— Ivaylo Spasov, Software Developer, Kontrax

Power Partner Ltd.

“Petar Kormushev is one of the best team mates I ever had. He worked with every colleague in friendly but strict manner, gaining their trust and loyalty. His work style combined effectiveness for the company and high quality of the product in a balanced and successful way. Working with him was very helpful for my personal improvement as developer. Although we both had the same education, he introduced me to many interesting approaches, tools and best practices and thus helped for my personal development.”

— Angel Velikov, Software Engineer, Power Partner Ltd.

Sofia University (MSc, Artificial Intelligence)

“I have known Petar Kormushev since 2001-02 academic year in his capacity of one of my students at Sofia University, Bulgaria. I could rank him among the top one percent students I have taught for more than 20 years. Petar has a very good experience both in individual and collective project activities. In this sense I could emphasize on his excellent results (in successive collaboration with other students) in some course projects within the framework of the AI M.Sc. programme as well as his brilliant AI M.Sc. thesis in the field of Semantic Web Services. Petar was the winner of the “St. Kliment Ohridski” Foundation student award for outstanding achievements in 2005.”

— Maria Nisheva, Assoc. Professor, Sofia University